Writing a whistleblower letter

Do you need an example letter to blow the whistle? I have created a Whistle Blowing Template, which includes whistle blowing examples for each of the whistle blowing categories — A criminal offence has been, is being, or is likely to be committed; A failure to comply with a legal obligation has happened, is happening, or is likely to happen; A miscarriage of justice has been committed, is being committed, or is likely to be committed; The endangerment of health and safety has happened, is happening, or is likely to happen; Damage to the environment has happened, is happening, or is likely to happen; That the employer is likely to conceal one of the above. The Whistle Blowing Template provides six examples of what to say when blowing the whistle to your employer regarding 1 to 6 above.

Writing a whistleblower letter

An interview with 'Dane Tops': But I was utterly surprised when a legendary whistleblower in the Church of Scientology introduced himself to me and told me that what he had to share had something to do with Black Operations. Kerry, who has never studied Scientology, agreed that this whistleblower was very much in the ranks of regular Camelot whistleblowers.

We decided to do an interview. Put the coffee on a lot of it! Their intention was to produce exactly that result a very bad opinion on the general public. The Church was fully corrupted and made a mockery of what it was intended to be and started out to be. The Illuminati thought it could not allow humanity to discover their true innate powers and ability.

In the 50s, those abilities were virtually unheard of. Today, there are dozens of understandings in the general public that were not extant then.

That was startling and unbelievable. At that time he developed techniques to have people recall memories that occurred at birth AND from conception onwards. Memories were verified for accuracy with, for instance, the doctor at birth.

Or with the parents for incidents that happened during the pregnancy. He developed techniques that allowed anybody to recall anything in their history with a little work. The book was a best seller. Russia tried to contact and hire him and the reason Russia wanted him was because they recognized that the techniques in that book could be reversed so that they could develop psychic warfare and mind control techniques.

The Russians realized that the out of body perceptions that Hubbard was developing could be used to spy and collect information from remote locations. The Russians saw that the power of the mind could be focused remotely to influence the thoughts of others at a distance. Russia started testing their children and developing the ones with the most skills.

After Camelot, I now realize that at that time - in the 50s - we had just recovered ET bodies in crashed disks. Hubbard already knew more about the ETs than the governments did, because people were recovering memories of many various races of ETs, of interplanetary wars or prior earth histories of wars, of intelligent robots, clones, cyborgs - you name it.

By the early 60s, Hubbard was teaching the general public openly about his independent discovery that this universe was heavily populated with intelligent life and various life forms and body types.

He could have really assisted the governments to do a lot better job of it, rather than to screw up the entire theme of contact the way it has been.

writing a whistleblower letter

He would not have been technically overwhelmed by the ETs. He would have sent out ambassadors to access their intent, and these would have been people who had accessed their own memories about the various races populating the universe and who were getting re-acquainted with their history.

Russian efforts to hire him were intense. He was presumed to be someone who could be utilized to develop any number of psychic abilities, warfare abilities and spying abilities. The US versus Russia cold war was not real except to the lower level people.

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It was a distraction for the public. So the intent to procure him started in the s after the book was published. During that time the kinds of results that were being standardly produced on people — my friend here amongst them [Ed. Some people had levitated, some had seen through solid matter, and others had gone outside of their body with full perception of where they were.

When the Russians failed to hire Hubbard, they broke in his home, stole the material, and altered the techniques to begin the Russian mind control programs with the USA doing the same later. So the modern subject of mind control and Manchurian Candidates and much more was re-researched and developed to a fine art form.

That sort of chair has been used down through time and is in our memories from way back. Hubbard recovered from many persons the same memories of how to control the mind by force and hypnosis. He wanted to undo the effects on all of us by training a world-wide army of people skilled in helping mankind to recover their memory of having a veil put over their minds to the point that we do not know our own past.

In the 50s, this description of the soul was not common.

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One thing Hubbard did prove that was He went to different locations to verify that just by his recall the memory of locations he had never been in this life was accurate.An individual or entity who is not certain whether a particular product, service, or action would constitute a violation of the federal securities law may request a "no-action" letter from the SEC staff.

August 1, Dear Poultry Industry Employer, The Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) support effective efforts by the poultry industry to protect the safety and health of employees.

The Anatomy of a Whistle-Blower Letter: A Descriptive Study Kelly Richmond Pope Natalie Tatiana Churyk* To better understand factors of persuasive letters, we reviewed the letter writing literature.

writing a whistleblower letter

Credibility is a main theme across the literature (Knouse ; Yalch and Elmore-. Sample Whistleblower Protection Policy. Whistleblower policies are critical tools for protecting individuals who report activities believed to be illegal.

Mar 19,  · In May , former Lehman Senior Vice President Matthew Lee wrote a letter to senior management warning that the New York securities firm may have been masking the true risks on its balance sheet.

Aug 22,  · Approach an anonymous letter as if writing a normal letter.

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The only big difference is that you will not include your name or any other personal details. Otherwise, the basic layout and structure of the letter are the same as normal. Two important types of letters that are usually anonymous are the whistleblower and those.

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