Write a program to demonstrate single inheritance in java

Methods Functions But first, why do we care about inheritance at all? There are primarily two reasons. The first is type convenience. We want the language system to automatically cast references of similar classes.

Write a program to demonstrate single inheritance in java

When instance of thread is created using new operator it is in new state, but the start method has not been invoked on the thread yet, thread is not eligible to run yet.

When start method is called on thread it enters runnable state. Thread scheduler selects thread to go fromrunnable to running state.

In running state Thread starts executing by entering run method.

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In this state a thread is not eligible to run. By calling wait method thread go from running to waiting state. By calling sleep method thread go from running to sleeping state.

In sleeping state it will wait for sleep time to get over. A thread is considered dead when its run method completes.

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Are you aware of preemptive scheduling and time slicing? In preemptive scheduling, the highest priority thread executes until it enters into the waiting or dead state.

In time slicing, a thread executes for a certain predefined time and then enters runnable pool. Than thread can enter running state when selected by thread scheduler. What are daemon threads?

Daemon threads are low priority threads which runs intermittently in background for doing garbage collection. Daemon threads are service oriented threads, they serves all other threads. These threads are created before user threads are created and die after all other user threads dies.

Priority of daemon threads is always 1 i. User created threads are non daemon threads.

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JVM can exit when only daemon threads exist in system. If setDaemon boolean on is called on thread after calling start method than IllegalThreadStateException is thrown. You may like to see how daemon threads work, for that you can use VisualVM or jStack.

write a program to demonstrate single inheritance in java

I have provided Thread dumps over there which shows daemon threads which were intermittently running in background.

Suspend method is deadlock prone.


If the target thread holds a lock on object when it is suspended, no thread can lock this object until the target thread is resumed. If the thread that would resume the target thread attempts to lock this monitor prior to calling resume, it results in deadlock formation.

These deadlocks are generally called Frozen processes. Suspend method puts thread from running to waiting state. And thread can go from waiting to runnable state only when resume method is called on thread. It is deprecated method.

write a program to demonstrate single inheritance in java

Why destroy methods is deprecated? This question is again going to check your in depth knowledge of thread methods i. If the target thread holds a lock on object when it is destroyed, no thread can lock this object Deadlock formed are similar to deadlock formed when suspend and resume methods are used improperly.

It results in deadlock formation. Additionally you must know calling destroy method on Threads throw runtimeException i. Destroy method puts thread from running to dead state.

This is very interesting question where interviewees thread basics basic will be tested. We will try to address the problem by creating new thread which will run infinitely until certain condition is satisfied and will be called by main Thread.

Infinitely running thread can be stopped using boolean variable. Infinitely running thread can be stopped using interrupt method. Stopping a thread with Thread. If any of the objects previously protected by these monitors were in an inconsistent state, the damaged objects become visible to other threads, which might lead to unpredictable behavior.Nov 16,  · Write a Java program to demonstrate the use of inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces and transaction processing.

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If you can remember and your program needs to be optimal, just before compilation you may wish to swap the Interface declaration for the actual implementation.

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Figure: Hybrid inheritance shows hybrid inheritance. In the below given diagram, the class game is derived from two base classes, that is, location and physique. The class physique is also derived from the class player.

Fig: Hybrid inheritance. Write a program to . Java Inheritance - Learn Java in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Java Syntax Object Oriented Language, Methods, Overriding, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Interfaces, Packages, Collections, Networking, Multithreading, Generics, Multimedia, Serialization, GUI.

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