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Thesis gps

Value, long-term horizon, research analyst, Thesis gps Summary Gap has been a great performer in our portfolio. Three brands out of four are growing now. Issues in the Gap division will continue to pressure margins.

Gap is one of the many apparel retailers that were hit by the general weakness in brick and mortar retail between and The overall weakness was mainly a result of industry conditions and unfavorable macroeconomic trends.

The low tourist spending and the booming eCommerce Thesis gps determined a deterioration in foot traffic at many retail locations, leaving many retailers with excess inventories that they had to dump at a discount, flooding the market with cheaper offerings that pressured merchandise margins in many areas of the retail sector.

Like many other retailers, Gap has implemented a turnaround plan that included store closures, tighter inventory management and a focus on an omnichannel shopping experience and managed to reverse a negative trend characterized by many quarters of declining foot traffic, negative comps and declining revenue, while margins were spiraling down.

Despite the clear problems, which were industry-wide and not company-specific, Gap had some competitive strengths such as solid financials and a valuable portfolio of iconic profitable brands, good scale, and a healthy online business that the company started to develop 20 years ago.

We went long and benefited from the whole retail turnaround that took place in the past quarters. A few months ago, we decided to close our long in Q4 for the following reasons: The consumer spending environment and the overall condition of the fashion industry have shown clear improvements, with revenue and comps back to growth and nice improvements in margins.

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday have contributed to improve the sentiment in the retail industry, extending the rally of the previous months. Gap is a well-diversified business, a stable company and a solid cash-flow generator. Nonetheless, not all its brands are strong. The Banana Republic brand and the Gap brand, for example, were still lagging and showing relative weakness.

The Athleta brand was showing a fading momentum. Moreover, there are several signs that the whole athleisure category may decelerate and leave more space for other categories such as denim.

Thesis gps

The retail industry still faces some actual and potential headwinds related to the transition to an omnichannel environment. This makes me more skeptical about bottom-line growth beyond the organic sales growth, and I see potential risks to margins that could make EPS volatile.

Gross margins declined bps due to a bps contraction in merchandise margin. The management said the bps decline in merchandise margin was a result of the aforementioned weakness at Gap, while the management expects a normalization in the second half of the year.

To support the positive view, the management noted that traffic at Gap continues to be above the industry average, expecting the brand to regain the lost momentum already next quarter.

Nonetheless, gross margin pressure is expected to persist in Q2 but to become softer. The Gap brand is expected to pressure merchandise margins by roughly 40bps vs. Due to the gross margin pressures and a Future Prospects The main problems seem to be in the Gap division, which continues to decline after years of softs results.

However, the Old Navy Brand, which had an excellent momentum last year with a 6. The company continues to have a well-diversified portfolio of brands in different stages of their lifecycles but is in a delicate phase of its life due to the transition to higher-growth brands.

How fast and effective the transition to better-performing brands will be.

Allan Variance -- Overview by David W. Allan

This implies investments that could generate operating margin compression. While Banana Republic has decelerated as well, Gap has a more serious problem of inventory build-up which may continue to pressure margins. If we focus on top-line trends, those are certainly good thanks to the contribution of Athleta and Old Navy.

We have seen that three out of four divisions are currently reporting good comps growth but the Gap division still reports unattractive results and still accounts for roughly one-third of the total revenue.

Moreover, the inventory problem continues to generate spikes in promotional activity and gross margin pressure. In order to do so, I use data from Twitter.University of California.

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