Reflective essay interprofesional practice

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Reflective essay interprofesional practice

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Interprofessional education is a collaborative approach to develop healthcare students as future interprofessional team members and a recommendation suggested by the Institute of Medicine.

Complex medical issues can be best addressed by interprofessional teams.

Training Reflective essay interprofesional practice healthcare providers to work in such teams will help facilitate this model resulting in improved healthcare outcomes for patients. In this paper, three universities, the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, the University of Florida and the University of Washington describe their training curricula models of collaborative and interprofessional education.

The models represent a didactic program, a community-based experience and an interprofessional-simulation experience. The didactic program emphasizes interprofessional team building skills, knowledge of professions, patient centered care, service learning, the impact of culture on healthcare delivery and an interprofessional clinical component.

The community-based experience demonstrates how interprofessional collaborations provide service to patients and how the environment and availability of resources impact one's health status.

Reflective essay interprofesional practice

The interprofessional-simulation experience describes clinical team skills training in both formative and summative simulations used to develop skills in communication and leadership. One common theme leading to a successful experience among these three interprofessional models included helping students to understand their own professional identity while gaining an understanding of other professional's roles on the health care team.

Commitment from departments and colleges, diverse calendar agreements, curricular mapping, mentor and faculty training, a sense of community, adequate physical space, technology, and community relationships were all identified as critical resources for a successful program.

Reflective Commentary: Interprofessional Practice Essay

Summary recommendations for best practices included the need for administrative support, interprofessional programmatic infrastructure, committed faculty, and the recognition of student participation as key components to success for anyone developing an IPE centered program.

In a recommendation by the Institute of Medicine Committee on Quality of Health Care in America suggested that healthcare professionals working in interprofessional teams can best communicate and address these complex and challenging needs 12.

This interprofessional approach may allow sharing of expertise and perspectives to form a common goal of restoring or maintaining an individual's health and improving outcomes while combining resources 13.

Interprofessional education IPE is an approach to develop healthcare students for future interprofessional teams.

Interprofessional collaboration: three best practice models of interprofessional education

Students trained using an IPE approach are more likely to become collaborative interprofessional team members who show respect and positive attitudes towards each other and work towards improving patient outcomes 3 — 5. What is interprofessional collaboration and practice?

Interprofessional collaborative practice has been defined as a process which includes communication and decision-making, enabling a synergistic influence of grouped knowledge and skills 7.

Reflective essay interprofesional practice

Elements of collaborative practice include responsibility, accountability, coordination, communication, cooperation, assertiveness, autonomy, and mutual trust and respect 7.

It is this partnership that creates an interprofessional team designed to work on common goals to improve patient outcomes. Collaborative interactions exhibit a blending of professional cultures and are achieved though sharing skills and knowledge to improve the quality of patient care 89.

There are important characteristics that determine team effectiveness, including members seeing their roles as important to the team, open communication, the existence of autonomy, and equality of resources 9. It is important to note that poor interprofessional collaboration can have a negative impact on the quality of patient care Thus skills in working as an interprofessional team, gained through interprofessional education, are important for high-quality care.

What is interprofessional education? IPE provides an ability to share skills and knowledge between professions and allows for a better understanding, shared values, and respect for the roles of other healthcare professionals 511 The desired end result is to develop an interprofessional, team-based, collaborative approach that improves patient outcomes and the quality of care 5 In this paper we showcase three exemplary models of collaborative and interprofessional educational experiences so that other institutions may benefit from these when creating interprofessional curricula.

Models of interprofessional collaborative student experiences Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science: Interprofessional Healthcare Teams 2 The course is a required experiential learning opportunity where students interact in interprofessional healthcare teams. Students focus on a collaborative approach to patient-centered care, with emphasis on team interaction, communication, service learning, evidence-based practice, and quality improvement.

The course, which was instituted inspans the months of August—March every year, and has evolved into three separate components each with its own course director: Table 1 RFUMS HMTD interprofessional healthcare teams course objectives Demonstrate collaborative interprofessional team characteristics and behavior Analyze a healthcare interaction for qualities of patient-centered care Reflect on service learning as a way to demonstrate social responsibility Identify other healthcare providers that may be of benefit to a particular patient Analyze a medical error situation to formulate a suggestion for solving the problem Identify situations in which individual, institution, or government advocacy may be appropriate Discuss current issues that impact all healthcare professions Open in a separate window During the course, all first-year students approximately are grouped into member interprofessional teams.

Each team has a faculty or staff member, with a minimum of a master's degree, serving as a mentor. Mentors are trained prior to each class, and the lunch hour of every class day is set aside for mentors to review material and ask questions if necessary.Published: Mon, 08 May Effective Interprofessional Collaboration is key to providing good quality patient centred care.

This essay will discuss the principles of patient centred care and their relationship to multi-disciplinary team working and identify and explain key concepts of individual and team communication within the practice setting. This model is based the findings of the corresponding author’s PhD project on “the teaching and learning reflective practice in medicine, nursing and physiotherapy” (Zarezadeh, ).Using symbolic interactionism as an interpretivist theoretical perspective, this study adopted a grounded theory methodology (Glaser & Strauss, .

What is interprofessional collaboration and practice?

Reflections and unprompted observations by healthcare students of an interprofessional shadowing visit Anna Wright, Gillian Hawkes, Becky Baker and Susanne Marie Lindqvist Centre for Interprofessional Practice, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK.

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