Ptlls setting ground rules

Ground rules are fundamental to order in the classroom, and order in the classroom is essential if effective teaching and learning are to take place. Here we will consider how to prevent problems from occurring through the establishment of appropriate classroom rules. You can simply tell the learners what the rules are — you have complete control in this case, they are YOUR rules and it is your responsibility to enforce them. By letting them decide the rules learners have a greater commitment to keeping them.

Ptlls setting ground rules

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Formatting and referencing 18 July, This week we are looking at a technical aspect of the assignments: Formatting Ptlls assignments Instructions for this should be in your Ptlls handbook and you should familiarise yourself with Ptlls setting ground rules guidance there, checking with your tutor if anything is unclear.

The formatting refers to the visual presentation of your essay and can vary. Some issues to be aware of: Should you put your name on the essay or keep it anonymous with a candidate number, etc?

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That your work should be word processed is a given, really. If your Ptlls course is one you attend at a college they will also have lots of computer resources.

Ptlls setting ground rules

There are lots of computer courses available: Good referencing shows you have read around the topic and taken account of expert views and avoids accusations of plagiarism. If a direct quote is used you should also include the page number. Gravells recommends a different style of speech when presenting at the board.

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A different style of speech is recommended when presenting at the board Gravells, In the bibliography it would use the same format, regardless of the above: Information found online also needs to be fully referenced. Just like a book you need the author name and date.

People can be snobby about information found online even from trusted sources and these are very few — the internet is a minefield of wonderful information mixed in with the false.

The Great Wikipedia Debate highlights these issues and many academic institutions have banned Wikipedia from being used as a reference for papers.

Even though it is a fantastic repository of information the risks and potential downsides can be enough to rule it out. Just like books websites are referenced by author and date Directgov, and within the bibliography more or less as books are, except you should add the date you actually accessed the resource.

Directgov, English for speakers of other languages, [www] available at http: It also covers how to reference multiple authors, different editions, journals and so on.

If anyone has any corrections or observations leave a comment.Setting Ground Rules – Is There Any Point? 11/04/ Trainers I know a lot of trainers begin their courses by getting the participants to set and agree ground rules for behaviour during the training.

Scheme of Work – PTLLS contextualised for Skills for Life. Course/Level. Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (C&G Level 3) with an Setting ground rules. Consider – FE adults, voluntary.

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Ptlls setting ground rules

Setting the ground rules ourselves is also an important part of the sessions. I think you respect rules alot more when they are your expectations, also other people who imput to the ground rules will also police them, so theres less pressure on the lecture.

It can be useful at times for the ground rules to mainly be suggested by the students to give a sense of ownership, however teachers, might at times, wish to include suggestions in the ground rules if not thought of by the group.

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Setting and agreeing on ground rules that will guide the group is a first step to creating a safe space; it is recommended at the first meeting. You can start with a few common ground rules and ask the youth participants to add their own.

A set of reasonable ground rules will assist the facilitator in running an effective session. Even professionals might need some guidance with their conduct in a facilitated session. Ground rules are most effective when the participants are involved in their development and agree to the set of guidelines.

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