Psu thesis office calendar

The purpose of the evaluation is to determine whether the candidate has demonstrated reasonable progress toward the completion of the degree requirements.

Psu thesis office calendar

Thesis Honors Advisor Role and Responsibilities Thesis Honors Advisor Role and Responsibilities The thesis is the culmination of honors education at Penn State, and while the thesis supervisor is the principal faculty role in the thesis process, the thesis honors advisor is very important at two key moments: Ideally, the student has consulted with the thesis honors advisor, as part of the Scholar-honors advisor relationship, about research interests within the major so the actual thesis proposal submitted one year before intended graduation is not a surprise.

For cases in which the student pursues honors outside of the major of their current honors advising, please see the last part of this document.

Role Historically the role of the thesis honors advisor, at least as defined centrally by the Schreyer Honors College, has been somewhat vague but it can be broken down into permanent and situational: Permanent The permanent i.

That is one reason why scrutiny of the thesis proposal is especially important.

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These situations are discussed below. When reviewing the thesis proposal, you are also reviewing the appropriateness of the proposed thesis supervisor. Only tenure-line faculty, or equivalently credentialed and experienced non-tenure-line faculty, may supervise honors theses.

Additionally, the thesis honors advisor is Psu thesis office calendar for monitoring thesis progress by periodically consulting with the Scholar and the thesis supervisor.

If the major does not have a uniform calendar for thesis progress, as part of its thesis guide, the thesis honors advisor should set expectations for each thesis writer in consultation with the thesis supervisor. As you can see, it is far preferable to establish a uniform calendar via a thesis guide available to all students!

Early in the final semester, the thesis honors advisor should specifically consult with the Scholar and thesis supervisor about the timeline for submission Psu thesis office calendar the final draft, and the thesis supervisor should be specifically asked about any travel plans, grant deadlines, or other issues that might complicate the successful culmination of the thesis.

Likewise, the thesis honors advisor should look at his or her own commitments later in the semester.

Psu thesis office calendar

On the other end of the spectrum, in humanities fields where the student is working independently for long periods, the thesis honors advisor should follow up to ensure that the student is in contact with the thesis supervisor.

The SHC website has important information about the thesis: In particular, the Thesis Project Guide is our official guidance about the thesis process. There are separate guides for the more formal aspects of thesis formatting and submission. While it is written for students, we invite you to review it since it discusses what students can legitimately expect from their thesis supervisor.

Situational The situational role of the thesis honors advisor is to mediate any conflicts between the Scholar and the thesis supervisor. While the SHC, specifically the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, is willing to participate in these discussions and should be made aware of any problems, the thesis honors advisor as a faculty colleague is best-positioned to handle conflicts without escalating the situation further.

Overall For both of these roles, it is important that the thesis honors advisor possess a solid understanding of the expectations for an undergraduate honors thesis in the major.

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In some cases the thesis supervisor, because of a lack of experience working with undergraduates or because of excessive expectations about honors students, has graduate-level expectations for the thesis; while this is a legitimate aspirational goal in many areas, it is by definition an inappropriate standard for approving or rejecting a completed thesis.

At the other end of the spectrum, the thesis supervisor might have unacceptably lax standards, or might wish to get out of a bad situation by approving a substandard final product.

The best and only way to minimize all of these problems, whether substantive about thesis progress or quality or logistical availability to review and approveis for the thesis honors advisor to enforce clear expectations from the outset thesis proposaland throughout the process.

Many majors assign professional advisors as lower-division honors advisors, and many majors assign non-tenure-line faculty as upper-division honors advisors. Thesis honors advising is, by rule and by common sense, always a faculty role. Scholars must be reassigned from professional to faculty honors advisors no later than the start of junior year.

Non-tenure-line faculty may serve as upper-division honors advisors, and therefore as thesis honors advisors, only with the approval of the SHC Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Because the thesis honors advisor must deal with the thesis supervisor from a position of equal authority and without fear of repercussions beyond the inevitable awkwardnessonly the most senior and research-accomplished non-tenure-line faculty will be approved for upper-division honors advising.

Grading the Thesis The thesis itself is not graded, but the SHC would like all theses to carry between 3 and 6 graded credits of honors independent research credits typically H though there is still some variation across departments. In most departments the instructor of record for thesis credits is the thesis supervisor, but in some departments there is a single instructor of record for all thesis credits and that person consults with thesis supervisors to determine the grade.

As with any other course, this is a departmental rather than SHC function. Scholars Enrolling After the First Year Scholars who join the Honors College in their second or third year may only pursue honors in the major for which they were admitted to the Honors College, unless they secure the permission of the honors adviser in multi-adviser majors, the designated lead honors adviser in the would-be area.

The Honors College knows from experience that some majors are willing to grant this change while others are not, but we always direct student inquiries to the appropriate honors adviser.

After all, the student is concurrently receiving the graduate degree. For non-IUG students pursuing solely an undergraduate degree, the SHC encourages graduate program directors to permit honors and act as thesis honors advisors or to designate one only if there is no appropriate undergraduate area and the student has some degree of appropriate coursework though not necessarily at the level in the field.

Sometimes students seek out the graduate area because it is slightly more specific or impressive-sounding, but we remind them that the title of the thesis conveys that. Contact Questions about thesis honors advisor roles and responsibilities should be directed to:Academic Calendars.

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