Politics matters

The Central Excise Intelligence has jurisdiction over entire India and it can issue notices and inquire into matters relating to service tax against any person, the Delhi High Court has said.

Politics matters

For those unfamiliar, this is the idea that he who mentions Adolf Hitler or the Nazis in an attempt to win an argument has automatically lost that argument.

No further questions asked. After all, one of the first things any of us gets taught about history is that it is doomed to repeat itself.

Reporting, Commenting and Informing

And I think I can do this. His call to ban all Muslims from the US was, aside from a disgraceful embarrassment to the human race, a very clever piece of political manoeuvring.

The fact that, statistically, Americans are more likely to die from being shot at by a white man was made utterly irrelevant because the underlying assumption is that Muslims endanger your security.

Where this leads to is a place where facts become secondary to the feeling that people have. Without a doubt, Bernie Sanders also tapped into this sentiment to great effect.

Millions of Americans feel that their economy is not working in a way that helps them. This belief, whether accurate or not alas, a topic for another blog post has been perpetuated by both left and right, meaning it is totally ingrained in the American mindset.

Perhaps the fact Trump has been part of this elite helps his credibility when he attacks it. Similarly, in the days of the Weimar Republic, there was widespread dissatisfaction at the huge reparations Germany was being forced to pay as penalty for losing the first world war.

And the Weimar Republic were seen not to care. The final statement in that list above is the only one which has yet to be disproved. Political commentators appearing on mainstream news networks and on Twitter have told us time and time again that there is simply no way that Donald Trump was a serious candidate for President.

What does Donald Trump need to do to be taken seriously by the establishment? Throwing your political rivals in jail… remind you of anyone?

For as long as Trump is not taken seriously, the modern establishment will believe they can control him too.

Politics matters

Anger leads to chaos and, as anyone who has ever been angry will tell you, anger makes you do stupid things. Things like electing a right-wing demagogue. The clashes between Trump supporters and Sanders supporters at rallies in the US bare a striking similarity to the street violence in s Germany between the Nazis and Communists.

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The final point I want to make in this rather long, sorry about that post is this: If Trump loses in November, violence, hatred and social division will continue, even if Trump himself is not the figurehead.

The only means of defeating this hatred is hope. But you know something else history teaches us? Hope rarely wins elections.The Maryland Matters Fund Support our quality nonprofit journalism with a tax deductible contribution today. Maryland Matters is an independent, nonprofit and nonpartisan news site.

Jul 27,  · Representation matters. In this election year, how do we decide who to vote for? What issues are most important to us? I believe most of us seek a candidate and a . Thoroughly updated and revised throughout, the second edition of Why Politics Matters is the perfect introduction for students with an interest in the importance of Reviews: 4.

Jul 06,  · But local politics has its own charms, no? If you’re a taxpayer or homeowner, local politics and the taxes local politicians keep raising tend to eat through your savings — and the equity in. Defending Politics: Why Democracy Matters in the Twenty-First Century [Matthew Flinders] on arteensevilla.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Citizens around the world have become distrustful of politicians, skeptical about democratic institutions. Analysis: In Texas elections, size matters The blue wave some Democrats hope for has to be big enough to top the red seawall that protects Republicans.

Politics matters

The Democrats don’t need a wave in

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