P3 bouncing balls coursework

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P3 bouncing balls coursework

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So it goes like this: There must be more to it. All materials media or objects have a degree of compressibility on interaction with another mass. Balls are designed to have high and rapid shape recovery. Balls can bounce in any direction wrt any local gravity, but gravity is a common accelerative cause.

Why does a ball bounce? A ball, falling through space, loses potential energy and gainskinetic energy.

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This is a way to say in Physics equations that itgoes faster the longer it falls. When the ball strikes a hardsurface, the ball is deformed and changes all the kinetic energy toelastic energy.

This energy then changes back to kinetic energy asthe ball recovers its shape. This is an example of an elasticcollision. There is some loss due to air resistance and thermal loss in theconversion from kinetic to elastic and back again, but the ballacts as a good demonstration that energy is conserved in physicalprocesses.

Why do balls bounce? The balls bounce because gravity is what pulls the falling ball towards the ground!

P3 bouncing balls coursework

As it falls the ball gains energy from its movement What makes a golf ball bounce? Answer It has to do with the material a golf ball is made out of. It is a extremely strong material. A golf ball needs to bounce high to be able to get hit by a golf club and fly through the air and hit the ground and bounce.

Due to that information a golf ball will bounce highest compared to almost ANY other balls. A golf ball is the winner of bouncing the highest. How do balls bounce?

The higher the temperature of the air in a tennis ball the higher the pressure of that air will be and the more resistant the ball will be to deformation when it strikes surface or racket. The less deformation needed to absorb a particular amount of kinetic energy the less energy will be lost converted to heat by the deformation and subsequent vibratory reformation.

More will therefore remain kinetic and the ball will retain more of its speed. It will therefore bounce higher, etc. The relative hardness of the ball will also effect friction and rotation off surface and racket, but these second order effects are not obvious to me, anyway from first principles.

What makes a tennis ball bounce?If plotting a graph and are producing a straight line to find agradient: You plot a line of best fit, then you plot two other lines startingfrom the.

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P3 bouncing balls coursework

What are the answers to the physics coursework bouncing balls p3? well in the bouncing ball experiment,,, am doing that now as well i didn't find it easy at first but now kinda do anyways the ball has a gravitational potential energy .

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