Mm207 unit 4 mid term

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Mm207 unit 4 mid term

The wall area is 2m2.

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Also find the temperature gradient in flow direction. What is the heat loss for 2 m long pipe? Consider the black bodies for radiation heat transfer. Determine the conduction heat transfer rate through the window.

Take thermal conductivity of glass as 0. Calculate the heat flow rate per square meter of wall surface. C on the other surface. Compare the values with that of single glass of 12 mm thickness. Determine the thickness of fibre glass.

The heat loss from the pipe is W per meter of length when the pipe surface is at C. What is the temperature of the outer surface of the insulation?

Mm207 unit 4 mid term

Calculate the overall heat transfer coefficient based on the outside surface area of the outer insulation. C in order to reduce the heat loss. K in to an ambient at constant temperature.

Determine the critical thickness of insulation. K, in to an ambient air at C. Calculate the thermal conductivity of the rod material. Pune University, May Ans: K It is required to heat the oil to C for frying purpose.

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A long laddle is used in frying pan. The section of the ladle is 5 mm x 18 mm. The surrounding air is at C. If the temperature at a distance of mm from the oil should not exceed C, determine convective heat transfer coefficient. The length of each rod projecting outside the bath is mm. K Calculate the ratio of lengths of rod upto which wax melting occurs due to transfer of heat?


Kmm long is connected to a wall which is maintained at C. The other end is firmly connected to other wall at C. Determine net heat transfer to air.

The thermometer reads the temperature at the end of the well which is lower than the gas temperature due to transfer of heat along the well. The temperature of the pipe wall is C. The well is 10 cm long, 2 mm thick. Calculate the minimum length of pocket so that the error is less than 0.

Calculate the length of thermometer pocket needed to measure the temperature within 1. The diameter of steam tube is 95 mm.

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ORGL , Introduction to Organizational Development [TERM] Course Instructor: [INSTRUCTOR NAME] [INSTITUTION] [ADDRESS] you will have reading to do every week as well as discussion posts and quizzes to complete with each unit of material.

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