Krysstal writing and scriptsave

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Krysstal writing and scriptsave

This article describes how to build a simple site design that adds a SharePoint list for tracking customer orders. You'll use the site design to create a new SharePoint site with the custom list. You'll learn how to use SharePoint PowerShell cmdlets to create site scripts and site designs.

The corresponding REST calls are shown for reference in each step. Actions describe changes to apply to the new site, such as creating a new list or applying a theme. The actions are specified in a JSON script, which is a list of all actions to apply.

When a script runs, SharePoint completes each action in the order listed. Each action is specified by the "verb" value in the JSON script.

Also, actions can have subactions that are also "verb" values. In the following JSON, the script specifies to create a new list named Customer Tracking, and then subactions set the description and add several fields to define the list. If you already have a previous version of the shell installed, uninstall it first and then install the latest version.

It sets the description and adds four fields to the list. Note that each of these are considered an action. Site scripts are limited to 30 cumulative actions across one or more scripts that may be called in a site design if applied programmatically using the Invoke-SPOSiteDesign command.

Add the site script Each site script must be registered in SharePoint so that it is available to use. The following example shows how to add the JSON script described previously. Keep track of this ID somewhere because you will need it later when you create the site design. Create the site design Next, you need to create the site design.

The site design appears in a drop-down list when someone creates a new site from one of the templates. It can run one or more site scripts that have already been added.

Run the following cmdlet to add a new site design. The -WebTemplate value selects which base template to associate with. The value "64" indicates Team site template, and the value "68" indicates the Communication site template.

If you have disabled modern Group creation or restricted to a subset of users and wish to still allow your users to apply site designs to the "group-less" modern Team site template, publish your site designs using the -WebTemplate value "1". You can use it in subsequent cmdlets to update or modify the site design.

Use the new site design Now that you've added a site script and site design, you can use it to create new sites through the self-service site creation experience or apply the site design to an existing site using the Invoke-SPOSiteDesign command in PowerShell.

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krysstal writing and scriptsave

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