Irregularities courtney jones essay

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Irregularities courtney jones essay

Irregularities - essay - Sample Essay

A welcome addition to the critique, Irregularities courtney jones essay thought, but I felt as though we were reading different documents.

We hear much of how political discourse operates in a post-truth culture, but one of the key strategies of persuasion is via presupposition — an statement whose truth is assumed without substantiation. Another trick is to make syntactic linkages between concepts which then acquire the appearance of logical relationship.

We find both of these demonstrated in the White Paper. Below I outline myths quotations and presuppositions from the White Paper and responses based on evidence and reason.

There is no evidence presented to sustain the claim. Use of an inflammatory adjective installs the presupposition. Students cannot make informed choices…. We need to make sure that students have access to the best possible information to make choices about what they study, and the benefits that they can expect to gain from those choices.

Irregularities courtney jones essay

Students have a lot of choice of courses, and they make up their own minds by consulting websites, alternative prospectuses, going to open days.

No evidence is presented to substantiate this, even in the face of students continuing to apply for courses where relatively low salaries are likely upon graduation e. Robust, comparable information about the quality of teaching — and the components that contribute to it — is not currently available… That is why this Government will introduce the TEF and for the first time bring sector-wide rigour to the assessment of teaching excellence.

A repetition of the presupposition that students do not already have access to this information. As stated above, it clearly is available. This architecture of quality assurance, though imperfecthas ensured that the UK is one of the most highly regulated and inspected sectors in the world.

The consumer organisation Which?

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It is good to see a rare appeal to evidence, but perhaps the wrong conclusions are being drawn by the Which? In fact, the NSS scores nationally indicate that students are satisfied with their university experience.

Clear priorities of students while at university included: Employers report a growing mismatch between the skills they need and the skills that graduates offer. We need to ensure that our higher education system continues to provide the best possible outcomes. These come from informed choice and competition.

This is a logical non-sequitur, but allows a lazy conflation of several unrelated concepts and assumes causality between them. Quality of courses, and choice for students, is more likely to emerge from imaginative cooperation between institutions.

This would be an innovation worth pursuing. There are a number of departures from the outcomes-require-competition myth. A Level performance, makes a huge difference to graduate earnings, regardless of subject studied. By removing student number controls and making it easier for new providers to enter, we will create the conditions that will allow choice and competition to flourish.

But what is also needed is the information to allow students to determine where the best teaching can be found.

Except the new providers will not be expected to fulfil all the expectations that publically-funded universities are expected to address. The Government believes that excellent teaching can occur in many different forms, in a wide variety of institutions, and it is not the intention of the TEF to constrain or prescribe the form that excellence must take.

What we expect though, is that excellent teaching, whatever its form, delivers excellent outcomes.Irregularities – essay - Sample Essay Irregularities is the name of the short story by Courtney Jones in this story we are introduced to an affair betwen a Doctor and his assistant.

The Doctor, better knowned as James Soleander, lives a highclass life which he can afford since he is a well payed doctor. 10/7/13 ‘Well done, Mr Wise!’ (Sadly, not a relative of mine) The Anti-Vaccination movement of the late 19th-century had a particularly strong cell in the East End; in the Old Nichol, home to the poorest East Londoners, destitute parents faced cumulative fines for refusing to allow doctors to vaccinate their infants against smallpox.

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