Hr project on motivation

In most organizations, it is common to hear the refrain that a particular employee is not motivated and hence his or her performance has taken a backseat. This is the reason companies spend humungous amounts of money in arranging for training sessions and recreational events to motivate the employees. Motivation can be understood as the desire or drive that an individual has to get the work done.

Hr project on motivation

After reading this project report you will learn about: Meaning of Motivation 2. Process of Motivation 3. Motivation and Morale 7. Project Report on the Meaning of Motivation: Generally people work to satisfy their needs— biological social and ideological.

They also work to attain prestige in society and maintain self-respect. Further, society expects them to work and work contributes to social development. Motivation may be defined as propensity, or the level of desire of an individual to behave in a certain manner at a certain time and in a certain situation.

A supervisor should strive to treat individuals with dignity and recognition of their personal worth. It explains way a person elects to channel his energies in one direction rather than in another. It sets in motion actions of the people.

It activates dormant energies. It shows that willingness to expand energy to achieve a goal or reward. In short management is the art of extracting work from other persons. Hence, for taking proper work from the persons to create interest in them for the work and to maintain I hat interest and develop and instigate them to development is in reality motivation.

This aspect of motivation is clearly expressed by Micheal J. All these inner striving conditions described as wishes, desires, drives etc. It is an interstate that moves or activates, it is a stimulates leading to an action that satisfies the need.

Project Report on the Process of Motivation: In management parlance, motive and need are used interchangeably. In fact, need is a good point to begin discussion on motivation. A need represents the lack, or absence, deficit of something within the system or organism.

When an individual experience lack or deficit of something, he looks around his work environment to see if there are any incentives or reward for performance of a task which would lead to satisfaction of that need. Thus, a need is personal or internal to a person, while incentives are external.

The needs give rise to wants or goals sought, which cause tensions that is, unfulfilled desireswhich give rise to actions toward achieving goals, which Finally result in satisfying actions. This process is shown in Figure 8. Project Report on the Characteristics of Motivation: Motivation is the reported urge a tension to move in a given direction or to achieve a certain goal.

Motivation is the process consisting of the three parts: These description reveals the following characteristics of motivation. There are two desiring factors in motivation: Inner motivation can be more decisive for behavior than any external influence.

Thus motivation is a psychological concept. Motivation of each individual change from time to time even though he may continue to behave in the same way. For example, a temporary worker may produce more in the beginning to become permanent. When made permanent he may continue to produce more this time to gain promotion and so on.

The ways in which needs are eventually translated into actions also vary considerably between one individual and another. Another individual with the same security need may seek out responsibility for fear of being fired for low performance.


The reactions of individuals to successful or unsuccessful fulfillment of their needs may also differ.1- To develop a policy for employee motivation in an organization.

2- To develop procedures for implementing motivation techniques, and 3- To evaluate employee outcomes through motivation techniques. Suggested Project Format: The project report shall comprise on words or 7 pages. The lay out of. Hr Project on Motivation; Shahid kv declare that the project entitled “A Study on employee motivation of Hyderabad Industries Ltd” submitted to Calicut University in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of master of business administration is a record of original project work done by me during my period of.

Motivating people is a large part of the project manager’s job.

Hr project on motivation

You should know the motivation theories for the PMP Certification Exam. Motivation can be difficult because not everyone is motivated by the same type of reward. As proposed by Douglas McGregor, Theory X and Theory Y describe two. The first step in HR development -- be it training, improvement or motivation -- is needs assessment.

Needs Assessment

Increasing motivation requires you to pinpoint the exact areas of . The first step in HR development -- be it training, improvement or motivation -- is needs assessment.

Increasing motivation requires you to pinpoint the exact areas of needed improvement. A STUDY ON EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION.

CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION The project work entitled a STUDY ON EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION with special reference to Hyderabad Industries Ltd; Thrissur is mainly conducted to identify the factors which will motivate the employees and the organizational functions in Hyderabad Industries Ltd, /5(84).