Google scholarly essays gospel according to matthew discipleship

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Google scholarly essays gospel according to matthew discipleship

The Tradition of Matthean authorship Around A. He tells us that the Apostle Matthew put together the discourses of Jesus in the Aramaic language. This book was written in Aramaic, that is: Irenaeus about A. He also produced in their language a writing of the Gospel.

Many other outstanding writers of the early Church confirm this testimony: Pantaneus about A. The references for these quotes are: It is evident, therefore, that from the earliest times onwards intelligent people in the Church ascribed the edition of the first gospel text to St.

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Surely, there must be some historical ground for the tradition. We have no reason to doubt the substantial accuracy of their information. The most likely explanation is that Matthew had a hand in bringing together the sayings of Jesus as a collection. This was the earliest, Aramaic core of the Gospel.

The collection may well be the re-constructed source of the Gospel which scholars call Quelle.


Tradition narrates that he first preached to the Jews in Palestine and then to other nations outside the Holy Land. Some ancient writers say that he went to Ethiopia; others mention Persia, Syria, Greece and even Ireland.

The circumstances of his death are also uncertain. His liturgical feast is celebrated on the 21st of September. Internal clues to authorship Does the Gospel according to Matthew itself say anything about its author?

It does not do so directly. The title according to Matthew was only added later. But when we read the text carefully, we can recognize many characteristic traits of the evangelist.

The problem with the Gospels is that they mostly contained traditional material, so that the traces of authorship are harder to detect.

Matthew, therefore, had been a tax collector. In those days tax collectors were looked down upon by people, since they were usually dishonest and not interested in religion.

Google scholarly essays gospel according to matthew discipleship

Why this difference in name? The explanation offered by commentators was the following: Jews often had two names. Matthew himself, however, would not mind speaking about it.

He would always reflect on Jesus special love for himself: For the Christian communities in the cities of the Middle East, it was crucial to work out clearly how their belief in Christ related to the old Jewish religion.

Many Christians were Jews by origin, or knew Judaism as proselytes or God-fearers. But even Gentiles who had never been Jews by birth or by personal choice would wonder how Jesus the Jew fitted in with the history of his own Jewish religion.

The Greek Gospel according to Matthew was written in this context. Although the date and place of composition cannot be fixed with absolute certainty, scholars generally assign a date around 85 or 90 AD for the final edition; and, interestingly enough, many believe Antioch was the place where it was written.

Arguments for this are: Antioch would fit this combination of factors extremely well. We may summarise our findings by saying that the Gospel according to Matthew went through at least two stages of growth. A simple reconstruction could be the following: This means that he would make ample use of the texts the words of Jesus which people had learned by heart under the instruction of their catechists.A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Gospel According to Saint Matthew (ICC; Edinburgh: T&T Clark, , , ).

This 3 volume commentary is the best modern scholarly commentary written on Matthew. In fact, I am tempted to say it is the best commentary ever written on Matthew.

St. John the Apostle, also called Saint John the Evangelist or Saint John the Divine, (flourished 1st century ce; Western feast day December 27; Eastern feast days May 8 and September 26), in Christian tradition, an apostle of Jesus and the author of three letters, the Fourth Gospel, and possibly the Revelation to John in the New Testament.

As an eyewitness to the Savior, Matthew recorded a detailed account of Jesus' life, the story of his birth, his message and his many deeds in the Gospel of Matthew. He also served as a missionary, spreading the good news to other countries. Home Essays Discipleship in Matthew.

Discipleship in Matthew. Topics: Gospel, Global discipleship - making disciples for the sake of the nations A study of the Gospel according to Matthew Introduction - Matthew’s handbook for the church. Matthew was the oldest gospel, but modern scholars have discredited this assumption due to the fact that both Matthew and Luke defer to the authority of Mark (the Petrine Link, ).

The Gospel according to Matthew.

Google scholarly essays gospel according to matthew discipleship

Catholic Bible Institute – Diocese of Orange. October 5, Discipleship in Matthew: Learning and Living acc. to Jesus’ Teachings as quoted by Eusebius); so in a way, the Gospel according to Mark could be thought of as “Peter’s Gospel.” And since Peter was the leader among the apostles.

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