Earl sweat essay

Tubal lends Shylock the three thousand ducats requested by Antonio. Appearances Are Deceiving Neither the gold nor the silver casket contains the key to winning Portia. Instead, it is the plain lead casket.

Earl sweat essay

The majority of the fleet 'ran in' to depot, to wash, refuel, and park up for the night. The remainder would provide the evening service until late hours, working the last buses from the city centre at 11pm, and most would then 'run in' directly from their respective termini, usually off-service or 'run-light', the official term.

The term, 'running in' was yet another hangover from the days of the trams, when trams 'ran in to shed'. Drivers queued to be re-fuelled by garage staff, and then taking the bus through the buswash, parking up was done by the drivers themselves as their last duty of their shift, just as their conductors cashed up and 'paid in' in the cash office.

Photo 2 shows a line of 4 Leyland PD3s awaiting their turn on the fuel pumps, with one of the Scania Vabis saloons that worked the two Outer Circle routes starting a second queue.

I've known many times when I've joined the back of the queue after the evening peak, 6. Three Bristol RELL saloons can be seen parked in the yard blotting out the view of the cash office, but with the upper windows of the training school just visible above.

Photo 1 shows the old gatehouse, just visible here between the two sets of depot gates.


A double decker disappears behind on it's way to the pumps. The gatehouse was in effect a small office, where all crews signed on for early shifts, from about 5.

We'd all dive off the staff bus as it stopped in the gateway, and queue to get inside out of the cold. We would quickly file right through the long, narrow, dimly lit office and out the other end, saying our name and duty number as we passed the signing on window, our names to be ticked off on the day sheet by the duty inspector.

Just like being in the army really - but without the bull!! The failure of a pencil tick by a driver Earl sweat essay conductor's name at the time he should have signed on would be the first indication the duty inspector would have of a man failing to turn up for duty.

Once another five or so minutes had passed, that would be the time for the inspector to tannoy over to the canteen and call for a spare crewman to go and get the bus ready. Sometimes both driver and conductor would be missing, especially if a staff bus into town was late or delayed and missed the connecting LCT staff bus in Charles St.

Often, a missing man would turn up even as the bus was about to leave the depot, sometimes in the gate, and all would be well.

Many a spare man had to go and get my bus ready, and it wouldn't be the first time I've almost chased my own bus down Abbey Park Rd to save my shift. That palaver pretty well ended upon my marriage, and I acquired a superbly reliable alarm clock I've no idea why the Head Office were flying the Union Flag - it must have been a red-letter day of some sort.

I don't recall it being flown all that often in those days. I can only think it must have been April 21st, the Queen's birthday. The legend below was to be seen on the bottom of the nearside panels of all LCT buses, part of the legal lettering required by PSV law.

And so the name L H Smith would have been a familiar sight to city bus passengers of those days, even more familiar than the name of the Governor of the Bank of England who appears on our banknotes.

Mr Smith would not have been known personally by most of the inhabitants of Leicester, but thousands knew his name and title and counted him a 'friend. I was for ever filling in 'GP' forms, aka 'White Reports', as a result of getting a 'black disc' on my key for definition of 'key' in this context, see below.


My own conductor's number was 12, and each member of staff had a numbered hook on a huge notice board in the front office, on which would be hung coloured plastic discs to denote various messages, the most dreaded colour being black. A blue disc meant there was a letter for you, perhaps confirmation of leave, or notice of training or change of duties.

White discs were for overtime or rest day notices. Later, I would become driver Conductors were evens, and drivers odd. Some of us were very odd!

Earl sweat essay

The key itself was slightly ornate and about as long as a middle finger and would be placed into the depot time clock to sign crews on and off, the raised number on the key leaving its imprint on the timecard as you turned it. Also, a bell inside the timeclock rang as you turned the key fully, a sign to the inspector behind the desk that you had actually signed in and 'punched the card' correctly.

Hence why the hook was still called a 'key' long after the actual keys and timeclock had been done away with. The time clock and those brass keys were still in place and in use in the Humberstone Gate office when I started inand only became redundant when that office closed and relocated to Rutland St the following year.

Signing on then was a simple matter of turning up at the front desk for the inspector to tick against your name that you were on time for your shift. But we still used the coloured discs as a system of internal communications.

When you turned up for work, say for a middle or late shift at Rutland St, or when you came in off the road for your break, the first thing you would look at was the large, wall-mounted keyboard.

There were something like or more numbered hooks, about 50 across and 20 or so deep, one for every member of LCT's platform staff. A black plastic disc on your 'key' was the original black mark, and usually a sign of having to go and see Alfie Moore, the DCI Deputy Chief Inspector, in his office and explain oneself for some perceived misdemeanor.A todos nuestros pupitreros opositores os presentamos un súper folleto informativo sobre cómo funcionan las 13 enero, ; 1.

The Death of the Moth. Moths that fly by day are not properly to be called moths; they do not excite that pleasant sense of dark autumn nights and ivy-blossom which the commonest yellow-underwing asleep in the shadow of the curtain never fails to rouse in us.

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The electronic edition is a part of the UNC-CH digitization project, Documenting the American South. The text has been entered using double-keying and verified against the original.

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