Dry clean business plan sample

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Dry clean business plan sample

A dry cleaning drop-off business offers a convenience to local residents and busy professionals without burdening you with the cleaning process itself. The key to developing a successful business means you must find ways to let people know you offer drop-off services and point out how you save them time and effort.

Creating a business plan helps you arrive at those answers, while also giving you a guide on how to manage your business once you open the doors. Market Analysis Look at the market to determine the potential business opportunity. Your market should either work or live within a few miles of your store, or your location should be near a major traffic area that people must use to commute.

Laundry facilities with drop-off services are also competing with you. Find out how many customers these businesses attract on a daily and weekly basis, what they charge, their opening hours and their marketing tactics.

dry clean business plan sample

This information will help you find a competitive niche that makes your drop-off business the obvious choice to your target market. The inside of the store needs a large hanging area or a conveyer belt to hold all of the clothes that are returned clean.

The space should include room to check and re-bag items returned from the cleaners. Day-to-day Operation Explain how you plan to operate on a day-to-day basis, and include your hours of service, making them convenient for busy professionals, such as staying open late into the evening and opening early in the morning.

Explain your own background as the owner, and detail any past experience you have in opening a personal service or working with a dry cleaning company. Marketing Attracting customers requires a mix of online and offline marketing, including setting up a website and social media pages so you can let people know you provide drop-off service.

The business will need signage both on the front of the store and on sandwich boards placed on the sidewalk to make people aware of your services. Include a plan for advertising in local print publications, and plan on running promotions, such as bring drop off four items, get one item cleaned for free, to drum up interest.Dry Carpet Cleaning Rubbing Alcohol carpet cleaning pet stains other.

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It is a clean business that is respectable and profitable. There are many types of laundry business but for someone that wants to start small, home based laundry services are the best. READ: SAMPLE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING BUSINESS PLAN.

dry clean business plan sample

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Such ventilation can be designed to move the perc vapors away from workers and customers while continuously supplying clean, fresh air to the dry cleaning area. Local exhaust (The shop should have in place a plan for safely responding to perc spills.) a sample can be obtained by clipping a monitoring device to the worker's collar either.

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Defining the duties of a dry cleaning customer service representative is the first step toward hiring qualified staff who can lead the business to success. A formal job description acts as a contract between the owner and the employee and ensures that both parties understand what is required from.

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