Deserted farm by mark vinz poem

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Deserted farm by mark vinz poem

Mark Vinz Source Mark Vinz and Deserted Farm Deserted Farm is a short free verse poem which focuses on a ruined farm and makes a stark contrast between the fortunes of the former resident family and the growth of flowers, which hold hope for the future.

Mark Vinz creates a powerful atmosphere in this well observed poem, using imagery and poetical device to highlight the theme of change, both social and environmental. With astute use of figurative language he combines simile and sensitivity, personification and perception, and the end result is a poem that is beautifully balanced: Finally, hope is growing in the form of lilac flowers, reaching up to the sun.

Deserted Farmhouse the empty milking stalls rise up like the skeleton of an ancient sea beast, exiled forever on shores of prairie. Decaying timber moans softly in twilight; the house collapses like a broken prayer. Tomorrow the heavy lilac blossoms will open, higher than the roofbeams, reeling in wind.

Analysis of Deserted Farm Deserted Farm is a poem of eight lines, split equally into two stanzas. As a free verse poem it has no set rhyme scheme or meter metre in the UK but it does have mixed iambic and anapaest meter in certain lines: This happens in the opening two lines.

End line punctuation then plays a minor role in controlling the speed and as there is no rhyme to tie the poem together, the whole creation seems loose and uncertain. The internal rhyme provides some support. Note the varied assonance in the second stanza: Juxtaposed against this heavy, solemn language, is that of small hope: Tomorrow, open, higher, reeling.

Imagery There is strong imagery in this poem, the use of which helps create pictures in the reader's mind, enhancing the experience of meaning. What about those bones of an ancient sea beast? Made of metal or wood or both, they work on the mind as the dry prairie turns into a tidal sea and the barn perhaps is now mere driftwood?

Deserted farm by mark vinz poem

The house collapsing like a broken prayer is also powerful. Again, what is non-material, the prayer, is now transformed into the physical - timbers and planks. The lines combine to produce these pictures that can bring deeper understanding. More Analysis Although the overall mood or tone of the poem is rather sad and melancholic, there is a note of positive hope at the end, which offsets the idea of things being lost forever.A participant in the Poetry Marathon (24 poems in 24 hours, 1 poem per hour), she has reviewed and edited poetry and fiction books.

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Deserted farm by mark vinz poem

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