Chromotography case essay

The episode started in when the editor of Germany's Stern magazine committed himself to buying twenty-seven volumes of what he was assured was Hitler's personal diary. Two experts authenticated portions of the documents by comparing the handwriting with other examples of Hitler's writing. They confirmed that the documents were written by the same person.

Chromotography case essay

Chromatography is "a method of finding out which components a gaseous or liquid mixture contains that involves passing it through or over something that absorbs the different components at different rates" Bing Dictionary. According to the lab manual, "chromatography is the separation of two or more compounds or ions caused by their molecular interactions with two phases-one moving and one stationary" Weldegirma.

Chromotography case essay

There are two phases to chromatography, one being the mobile phase, "which carries the sample through the solid, or liquid" Weldegirma and the other phase being the stationary phase the absorbantwhich is the phase that holds the solid or liquid portion of the mobile phase; "The success of the separation depends on the different polarities of the 3 components: There are four techniques of chromatography: Thin Layer Chromatography TLC - A small scale chromatography technique, has a solid silica gel for its stationary phase and a liquid for its mobile phase; 2.

Column Chromatography CC - A large scale chromatography technique, which has a solid silica gel stationary phase and a liquid mobile phase; 3. Gas Chromatography GC - Involves having a high-boiling liquid as its stationary phase and an inert or inactive gas as its mobile phase; and 4.

The TLC method involves using a plastic slip with a coating of silica gel and placing dots at equal distances of each other so there is no mixing of the compounds of the compounds along the base line then placing the slip in a jar filled a suitable solvent and closing the lid.

The process is complete when the solvent reaches about three-fourths of the slip. Once it reaches that area, the slip is allowed to dry then placed underneath a UV lamp which is used to mark the distance traveled using the retention factor Rf.

The retention factor, or Rf, is "defined as the ratio of the distance traveled by the compound to the distance traveled by the compound to the distance traveled by the solvent" Weldegirma. The CC method consisted of 4 parts: In order to perform CC, the column should be wet using petroleum ether.

After adding the spinach to the wet column and extracting the first color, you can finish and perform a TLC using the crude sample, pure beta-carotene, and your purified sample. Afterwards, you must calculate the Rf value; your purified and pure values should be about the same.

Make sure to label each dot. Fill the column halfway with silica gel. Obtain 2g of defrosted frozen chopped spinach leaves. Transfer into conical flask. Add 15mL of ethyl acetate.

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Ground the spinach leaves for 15 minutes. Decant or filter the colored solution.Ink Chromotography Essay. Ink chromatography items needed: M&Ms® (4 different colors) Rubbing alcohol Coffee filters (2) plastic cups (2) Pencil Ruler Tape paper plate Table salt Water cotton swabs (4) Measuring cups/spoons 2-liter bottle procedure Coffee filters usually are round, but it’s easier to compare your results if the paper is rectangular - Ink Chromotography Essay introduction.

Chromotography case essay

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The Case of the Forged Documents by Roger Beckmann One of the world's most famous crimes involving paper and ink analysis was the case of the forged Hitler diaries.

The gas or in our case a liquid is injected through the port turned into a vapor through the nebalizer. The vapor then proceeds through the column.

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Gas Chromatography Essay GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY EXPERIMENT The purpose of this experiment is for the student: 1) to learn the. Chromatography Case This Essay Chromatography Case and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: cloudychic • February 25, • Essay • 1, Words (7 Pages) • Views.

Page 1 of 7. Chromatography is an effective method of separating the solutes in a solution. Paper chromatography is the process we used to separate various chemicals found in the pigment, in the case is chlorophyll.

The four pigments that being separated were chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, xanthophyll II, and carotene.

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