Benefits of multiculturalism policy in canada

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Benefits of multiculturalism policy in canada

Settlement[ edit ] Culturally diverse areas or " ethnic enclaves " are another way in which multiculturalism has manifested. Newcomers have tended to settle in the major urban areas. In Canada, there are several ethnocentric communities with many diverse backgrounds, including Chinese, Italian and Greek.

During the first half of the 20th century, Chinatowns were associated with filth, seediness, and the derelict.

Benefits of multiculturalism policy in canada

In addition these neighbourhoods, like their cultures, add to the definition of a city and point to the fact that integration is a two-way street. The Quebec Actimplemented after the British conquest of New France in the mids brought a large Francophone population under British Imperial rulecreating a need for accommodation.

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Unity in Diversity" in the Council on Foreign Relations journal discussing the influence of the Francophone population as a whole. The recommendations of this report elicited a variety of responses. Former Progressive Conservative Prime Minister John Diefenbakerwho was now Leader of the Official Opposition after his government was succeeded by that of Pearson on April 22,viewed them as an attack on his "One Canada Policy" that was opposed to extending accommodation to minority groups.

Trudeau espoused participatory democracy as a means of making Canada a " Just Society ". We should not even be able to agree upon the kind of Canadian to choose as a model, let alone persuade most people to emulate it.

There are few policies potentially more disastrous for Canada than to tell all Canadians that they must be alike. There is no such thing as a model or ideal Canadian. A society which emphasizes uniformity is one which creates intolerance and hate. A society which eulogizes the average citizen is one which breeds mediocrity.

What the world should be seeking, and what in Canada we must continue to cherish, are not concepts of uniformity but humanvalues: When the Canadian constitution was patriated by Prime Minister Trudeau inone of its constituent documents was the Charter of Rights and Freedomsand section 27 of the Charter stipulates that the rights laid out in the document are to be interpreted in a manner consistent with the spirit of multiculturalism.

It contains the globe within its borders, and Canadians have learned that their two international languages and their diversity are a comparative advantage and a source of continuing creativity and innovation.

Canadians are, by virtue of history and necessity, open to the world. Section Fifteen of the Charter that covers equality states: Canadian Multiculturalism Act[ edit ] The Canadian Multiculturalism Act affirms the policy of the government to ensure that every Canadian receives equal treatment by the government which respects and celebrates diversity.

The rights of indigenous peoples. English and French remain the only official languageshowever other languages may be used.A multicultural country.

This is the best way to describe Canadian culture today. As more people move and permanently live in Canada, more this leafy country learns to .

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Multiculturalism. Cultural diversity has been present in societies for a very long time. In Ancient Greece, there were various small regions with different costumes, traditions, dialects and identities, for example, those from Aetolia, Locris, Doris and Epirus. Apr 23,  · Behind the headlines - conspiracies, cover-ups, ancient mysteries and more.

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Real news and perspectives that you won't find in the mainstream media. The 24th Congress of the IACCP in the City of Guelph Canada deals with cross-cultural psychology, multiculturalism in a global perspective, ethnic diversity.

Over this same period, the U.S. enacted no formal immigrant integration program or multiculturalism policy. In , in both Canada and the U.S., about 60 per cent of foreign-born residents had. In Canada, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau announced a federal policy of multiculturalism in a speech, committing the government to supporting minority communities given that "National unity, if it is to mean anything in the deeply personal sense, must be founded on confidence in one's own individual identity.".

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