Are we prisoners of the progress

Morgan DNielsen L. Abstract The new reproductive technologies, especially in vitro fertilization IVFhave extended the possibilities of assisted reproduction to the benefit of the childless couples.

Are we prisoners of the progress

Many people choose to work at home in front of a computer screen. What dangers does the society face depending on computer screens rather than face-to-face contact as the main means of communication? Are we the prisoners of progress? With this topic that has been given by our teacher, Ms.

Are we prisoners of the progress

Goh, we would like to present the negative effects of CMC. First of all, do you know what CMC stands for? It is the way of communicating through computer. CMC is defined as any communicative transaction that occurs through the use of two or more networked computers.

CMC is traditonally referred to communication via Computer Mediated format, for example instant messaging, email, and chat room. In our opinion, CMC has many advantages.

However, it can also has some negative effects if we rely too much on it. We can divide the negative effects into two types. Now, we want to tell you about the internal effects. First, it can affect to our physical bodies.

Are we prisoners of the progress

Computer monitors emit radiation that can cause cancer, which is harmful to our bodies. Sitting in front of computer all day can also cause backache and bad eye sight evidence.

The second one is mental stress.

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Third, if we play too much computer games, we will not have enough time to do our homework. Our time will be consumed by computer games and we will forgot to exercise. And the last one, if you are addicted to CMC, you might become an antisocial person evidence.

We cannnot be too absorb with virtual world and forget the real world life. The second part is the external section. First of all, CMC may cause miss-communication between both commmunication participants. For example if we discuss some business via skype, the receiver is slower and the picture is not very good.Oct 08,  · Best Answer: I agree -- I know it's too addictive.

I had some engineering interns working for me and they turned to the internet for everything. That's fine, if there's a connection available, but when there isn't (e.g. at the customer's site or when our server went down), they didn't seem to have any Status: Resolved. In today’s world, technology expand so much that we became a part of the technology, but I think that being a part of the technological progress should not be considered as we are the prisoners of the progress.

Yet, there are some objections to that. Prisoners do matter when analyzing the severity of racial inequality in the U.S. Yet because they are out of sight and out of mind, it is easy to imagine that we are making far more racial progress than we .

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