African american and hip hop artist

It was by Bongani's side that Rick was inspired to make his own music.

African american and hip hop artist

Two to four minute sessions Subject Areas: In this lesson, students will: Define hip-hop and describe its four main elements.

Become familiar with the roots of hip-hop music and culture, in socio-economic and geographic context. Think, write, and speak intelligently about the differences between mainstream popular rap and hip-hop as a culture. Expressing and supporting opinions in writing and discussion; analytical listening; critical thinking; public speaking; independent research Materials: Introduction Write these quotes on the board: Have the students write for five minutes straight in reaction to the quote.

Afterward, everyone shares what they wrote. Ask students to leave names off their papers, then collect them and randomly pass the papers back out so each student reads one out loud. Use this activity to get students talking about what they know about hip-hop. Questions to guide this conversation could be: Do you like hip-hop?

Why or why not? Why do you think hip-hop started?

African american and hip hop artist

What are the stereotypes about hip-hop? What role does the media play in teaching us about hip-hop? Where did hip-hop come from? Who invented hip-hop, and under what conditions?

Does hip-hop bring people together, or does it divide them? Do you agree or disagree with him? In what way did Afrika Bambaataa create a culture? How do popular definitions of hip-hop differ from the way artists in the documentaries define hip-hop?

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At house parties and community centers DJs mixed songs from different records together. They started extending short drum breaks into longer dance mixes by switching between record decks.

Bronx DJs experimented with touching and moving vinyl records with their hands.

African american and hip hop artist

They also used electronic sounds coming from other places, like Europe. The South Bronx was a poor neighborhood isolated from the rest of New York. One factor in this isolation was construction of the Cross Bronx Expressway, which created a scenery of rubble in neighborhoods it ran through.

Young people of color found their own way to make these bleak surroundings positive and beautiful. They spray-painted and danced on cardboard they laid on the ground.What Is Hip-Hop?

A Music, History, Art, and Culture Lesson This lesson, re-posted on Education World with permission from Seattle radio station KEXP, was created by Tiffany Producer-KEXP entire series of lesson plans appears here.


Also see on EducationWorld: Hip-Hop Lesson: DJs and Turntablism Education World note: In the course of doing Internet research on hip-hop . Product Description.

African Rappers | List of Best African Hip Hop Artists/Groups

African Underground Vol. 1 - Hip-Hop Senegal by Various Artists. When sold by, this product will be manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media. His album 'DAMN.' is the first non-classical or -jazz work to win the award.

Kendrick Lamar has won the Pulitzer Prize for music, making history as the first non-classical or -jazz artist to win. Hip-Hop The Best African Rappers. If they're near the top of the best African hip hop artist list, though, then they should have at least some information available.

All the top African hip hop bands named on the list also have discographies on their pages if you click on the African rapper names themselves. The list includes all new.

10 Most Adorable South African Hip Hop Artists

Hip-hop is a tough game in which only the best survive. From the early days of the male-dominated genre, female rappers have proved that women, though few in numbers, are fearless, strong.

Hip hop music has been popular in Africa since the early s due to widespread American influence. In hip hop reached Senegal, a French-speaking country in West of the first Senegalese rappers were M.C.

Lida, M.C. Solaar, and Positive Black Soul, who mixed rap with Mbalax, a type of West African pop early South African group was Black Noise.

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