A comparison of the enlightenment the crusades and the renaissance era

They examine cultural, artistic, political, economic, intellectual, social, military and national history. Their interests range from the history of individuals and local communities to studies of nations and international relations. They analyse the causes and consequences of significant change over time. They seek to illuminate the past.

A comparison of the enlightenment the crusades and the renaissance era

Create New Those were really shitty times. You waded through the stuff. You should spray 'em all with shit as they come through the gates. The Dung Ages are the representation of the Medieval Era as a Crapsack World of pustule-faced, cat-beating, dung-caked, mud-farming peasantsthe antithesis of Ye Goode Olde Daysmade popular by the Monty Python team.

This was partially for Rule of Funny — Monty Python's Terry Jones is a historian and knows better — and partially as a reaction against the flowery King Arthur-inspired romances that had shaped popular views of the era up until then. It's often seen even in portrayals of cultures where it doesn't belong.

Many ancient Romans, for instance, bathed every day: The core of this idea and portrayal is summed up in the page quote: This was especially true for armies and towns. The reality is that while hygiene was not good by modern standards, and living conditions were not what we'd call "comfortable" what with the lack of air conditioning, flush toilets and weekly garbage pick-upneither did most people walk around barefoot, caked in filth, eating rotten food and living in tumble-down huts made of sticks.

See the analysis page for more details on the historicity of this trope. More common in literature or live action works, since animating a lot of dust, dirt and grime is harder than having everything be clean.

For depictions of history being more socially progressive than truly accurate for the time, see Politically Correct History.

See also Medieval Morons. It gets especially bad during the plague and invasion that create a refugee crisis in Midland, leading to thousands of people huddling in a tent city beneath the tower of Conviction mired in filth, starvation, and ignorance. In contrast, the magically created city of Falconia is considered to be a fantastic marvel because unlike everywhere else it has running water, a modern sewer system, public baths, and flushing toilets!

Crusader States, Kings of Jerusalem & Cyprus, Templars, Hospitallers, Israel, etc.

Dororoparts of Phoenix and other Jidai Geki stories by Osamu Tezuka depict Japan's Sengoku period this way, as he was a staunch pacifist who disliked the romanticized view of the age of the samurai prevalent in Japanese media. Expect to see lots of burned down villages and corpses everywhere, either from the constant warfare or good old fashioned famine and disease.

It should tell you something that when the setting of the film version of Dororo was moved from the s to the post apocalyptic future, very little was changed. Comic Books Hob Gadling in The Sandmanwho is really years old but looks 30, grumpily complains that a Renaissance Fair or SCA event he's dragged to doesn't have enough shit everywhere.

But later he complains that the toilets are "bloody disgusting" and gets back a "we strive for realism". During the brief Post-Crisis 'Team-Up' phase of Action Comics, Superman is sent back in time by the Demon Etrigan in order to stop a mystic plot that is killing Metropolis in the present.

John Byrne had recently established Superman's costume as not being invulnerable, but mostly protected under a skin-tight force field his power generated. As a result, his walk through a medieval mudscape is no bother to him, and two passing peasants say "That one walks as a King. The quasi-Victorian city of Focan in Ketafa stinks of dung and factories so badly that the four gag when they first smell it and have to breathe through their mouths.

The people stink too. And the Baravadans are very critical of how the four smell when they first arrive from Focan. Some of the Ketafans who live in Baravada aren't too concerned with personal hygiene, but most of them apparently picked up the habit from the Baravadans.

In Home with the Fairieschapter 3, this is how Maddie perceives the town of Bree. It looks medieval, and it stinks, with "open sewers down the sides of the street" and "the retched filth lying in the gutters and alleys".

It disgusts her, but the locals seem to ignore it. Maddie is yet to learn that she is in the setting of The Lord of the Ringsand dwarves and hobbits are nearby. The Good Omens fic I shall endure to the end by A.

Pessimal sees the demon Crowley attending a public execution in Paris in Crowley would prefer to be somewhere else, ideally somewhere where people have rediscovered soap and regular baths: Crowley sighed, with a heavy heart.Mar 09,  · Renaissance World View vs Enlightenment World View Both the Renaissance and the Enlightenment are two significant points in world history, specifically in European history.

Both periods have distinctive characteristics but share the notion of being periods of discovery in many aspects of life and living in this world/5(2). The Crusades Essay Examples. 51 total results. 1, words. 3 pages. A Comparison of the Enlightenment, the Crusades and the Renaissance Era.

words. 2 pages. A Study on the Three Revolutions Prior to The Enlightenment, the Crusades and the Renaissance. words. 2 pages. Brutal Consequences of Manifest Destiny. . Founded in , Princeton University Press is an independent publisher with close connections, both formal and informal, to Princeton University.

Oct 11,  · The Enlightenment was an era of major social and political change in 18th century Europe. The Enlightenment was centered in France, which at the time was a dominant force in Europe ruled by an oppressive government. Start studying French Revolution and the Enlightenment.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. assembly of European leaders that met after Napoleonic era. French Revolution → Crusades → Renaissance 3. Oct 10,  · Philip D. Curtin's The Rise and Fall of the Plantation Complex.

New World. Philip D. Curtin’s The Rise and Fall of the Plantation Complex is a series of essays about the transnational entity that we have described here as “the Golden Circle” or the “South Atlantic System.”.

A comparison of the enlightenment the crusades and the renaissance era

Curtin coined the term “South Atlantic System” but now prefers to use the term “the plantation complex.

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